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Why Should You Choose Hartzel’s Concrete?


Joe Haines, a Hartzel’s Concrete employee, says that “using a meter mix company like Hartzel’s Concrete has several advantages.” They include, our drivers’ superior knowledge of concrete. In order “to operate our trucks, the driver has to get out of the cab.” While dispensing the concrete down the chute, the driver often helps the homeowner or contractor. This is usually by wheeling the concrete to the site, raking out the concrete, and/or screeding concrete. Also, with Hartzel’s, “you cannot get a ‘hot load’ with our concrete.” This allow you “more time to work with our concrete” than if you had gotten it from a barrel mixer. One of Hartzel’s policies is that “we always try to bring one cubic yard’s worth of extra material to the job” incase there was a mistake in the ordering. However, customers only pay for what they get. Because “our trucks are a ribbon-feed manufacturing process, all materials are kept separate until the truck arrives on the job and starts to mix. Once the mixing process starts, the truck continuously siphons materials through a mixing process.” Therefore, “any unused material can stay on [the truck] and the customer is [only] invoiced and charged for what [he or she] actually used, not what [he or she] ordered.” Finally, Walker and Joe, the drivers, “are substantially invested in making sure that [Hartzel’s] delivers quality concrete every time the trucks roll out of our garage.